Brunswick Billiards – Brooklyn Pool Table



The Brooklyn delivers a swanky old-school New York style with a retro spin. A brushed matte black finish gives this table genuine authenticity and the silver stretchers bring this table from past to present with subtle style. This table is perfect for those who want a modern take on the legacy and history of Brunswick Billiards.
Table size: 8 ft.
Finishes Available: Black Wire-brush
Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
Rail Sights: Diamond
Pocket: Drop pockets


Interior Style

  • Made from superior engineered wood material for commercial application
  • Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base


  • Brunswick Certified Premium Slate is diamond-honed and precision-machined and leveled to within ten thousandths of an inch. Brunswick Billiards slate is cured for an extended period of time to assure stability and is checked for flatness on the top and on the bottom at least four times through the machining and curing process to a standard twice exceeding BCA specifications on an end-to-end basis. Every set of Brunswick slate is quality inspected and certified and will provide a lifetime of playability.
  • High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction connects the cushioned rails to the slate. Unlike the more commonly used t-nut type hardware, this allows for the application of 70% more torque to each connection and ensures a solid, seamless transition between rail and slate for enhanced performance and playability.
  • Rubber SuperSpeed® Cushions have been the standard in the industry for over 70 years and are used on all Brunswick branded tables. They are made to Brunswick’s exact specifications from a proprietary rubber formulation resulting in more controlled ball penetration, greater accuracy in rebounding and an exceptionally consistent rail on every Brunswick table.
  • Mother-of-Pearl Rail Sights are machined to exacting standards and provide a solid foundation behind the cushion rubber to ensure exceptional accuracy and performance.