Cybex – SPARC Cross Trainer

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Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power.
SPARC does it all, more safely, because it’s biomechanically refined – providing exceptional results with low stress. This is HIIT evolved.

The Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical cross trainer tested. The science behind the Arc Trainers big calorie burn is the Arc motion. It engages the right muscles; quads and glutes that demand lots of energy from the body when they are called upon to work. That means big calorie burn. And because the Arc is demanding of the muscles not the joints, it can be used longer without putting a strain on the knees, hip or back.

Train for strength, power, endurance, cardio, and weight loss, the machine offers broad incline and resistance ranges which means it is really 3 machines in one. At the lower incline levels, the glide is a cross country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a stride (like an elliptical except with proper positioning). At the high levels, the climb of a stepper or climber. Glide, Stride, and Climb.


  • Circuit Mode – Single, quick high power movement lasting typically less than one minute.
  • Interval Mode – Longer duration workout that has user-defined high intensity and rests.


  • Length: 71″ (180 cm)
  • Width: 34.7″ (88 cm)
  • Height: 60.6″ (154 cm)
  • Product Weight: 285 lb (129 kg)
  • Incline Levels: 0, 6, 12%
  • Resistance Levels: 1-10 levels of brake resistance
  • Resistance Range: Fan 0-1000 watts
  • Braking System: Brushless Eddy current brake, speed independent
  • Stride Length: 24″ fixed length
  • Workouts: Circuit and Interval
  • Display Screen: LCD
  • Languages: 9 – English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Chinese

  • Console Features: Graphic and Numeric Display
  • Frame Colors: Graphite Black/Pamplona & Quartz White/Pamplona
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