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Cycleops Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle is a bike dedicated to indoor training.

For those of us in less-than-temperate climes, the reality of winter includes a lot of trainer time. And, while cyclists are generally more than happy to spend money on kits, components, and bikes, indoor trainers don’t typically make the cut. A genuinely comfortable, powerful training tool should be on your list if you ride indoors for more than a month or two of the year. The steel-framed CycleOps Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle is adjustable at all of your touchpoints, accepts normal saddles and pedals, and locates the 48lb freewheel to the rear.

You want to get the most out of your workout — without sacrificing most of your day. And you want an indoor cycle that’s easy to use, durable and as performance-focused as you are.

Our most affordable indoor cycle features freewheel gearing, and allows you to quickly adjust all geometries necessary for creating the perfect fit. Its precise resistance control allows for a highly effective workout while the dual bottle carries keep you hydrated for the long haul.

  • PowerTap Inside – power accuracy of +/- 1.5% takes the guesswork out of training.
  • Controlled resistance technology allows for a precise workout every time.
  • Seamlessly integrates with CycleOps VirtualTraining software.


  • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible.
  • Controlled resistance technology allows precise regulation of power, slope, or gearing.
  • PowerTap technology provides +/- 1.5% accurate power feedback.
  • Seamlessly integrates with CycleOps VirtualTraining.
  • Controlled resistance allows you to target power, slope or gearing.
  • Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level for any workout intensity.
  • PowerTap power meter provides +/-1.5% accurate power feedback.
  • Four points of adjustment to duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike.
  • Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast whenever you need to recover between efforts.
  • 48-pound flywheel makes the unit ride and look like an outdoor bike, while the rear-location keeps it out of the “sweat zone”.
  • Road-style handlebars allow for posture and riding positions that replicate the feel of your outdoor bike.
  • Steel frame and stable platform is ideal for sprinting workouts or hill climbs.
  • Dual capacity water bottle holder to keep you hydrated for the long haul.
  • Power supply cord included.
  • CycleOps saddle included; can be swapped out for a more customized ride.
  • Pedals not included. Compatible with standard 9/16 pedal axle.
  • Complimentary 2-Week Free Trial for CycleOps VirtualTraining included.
  • Includes a mini ANT+ USB stick for use with desktop version of CycleOps VirtualTraining.
  • The Phantom 5 is intended to be used with an iPad or Android tablet running the CycleOps VirtualTraining application and does not come with a computer. Please see here for further compatibility and required ANT+ adapters.
  • The Phantom 5 is compatible with most ANT+ CycleOps or PowerTap products such as the Joule GPS, but doesn’t work with the CycleOps Cervo (a.k.a. the little yellow computer) or Joule 1.0.
  • Warranty
  • Our indoor cycles carry a 10-year warranty on the frame
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