Merrithew – SPX® Max Plus™ Reformer

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The SPX® Max Plus Reformer is the ultimate Reformer in the SPX® family. Equipped with our innovative retractable rope system and travelling pulleys on the vertical frame, the SPX® Max Plus offers variable angles of resistance, allowing three-dimensional movement that replicates daily activities. It’s a Reformer and virtual Cadillac in one, offering maximum functionality in a minimum amount of space. Great for all levels of fitness and athletic training.


  • Built to withstand continuous, high-intensity studio use with durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam to provide maximum comfort and accurate proprioceptive feedback
  • Patented Retractable Rope System with recoiling rope reels for easy adjustments. Longer ropes add increased range of motion and fluidity to exercises – allowing for more programming options.
  • Carriage glides over sleek C-channel aluminum rails, using a patented rolling mechanism for a smooth, friction-free ride
  • Enhanced Springs are built to withstand vigorous use with Jumpboards, Cardio-Tramp® Rebounders and other Reformer accessories and secure quickly and safely
  • 3 gearbar positions, 6 carriage stopping positions, 3 headrest positions, 4 footbar positions
  • Robust and adjustable four-position footbar drops easily into cradles to regulate hip and knee flexion
  • 1” thick wooden standing platform and pommel-style shoulder rests support a wide range of body weights
  • Gearbar slots into three different positions to adjust tension easily
  • Shoulder rests stay securely in place and detach easily for storage
  • Easy-roll wheels make it a breeze to move or reposition
  • New Comfort Footbar is easier on sensitive feet and hands
  • Stackable if vertical frame is removed. When stacking, shoulder rests slide conveniently into brackets affixed to the frame and reinforced pulleybars detach and store without disengaging ropes
  • A rolling base is available for added convenience when storing stacked Reformers


Carriage Dimensions
  • Width: 22″
  • Length: 38.5″
  • Height From Floor: 9″
  • Reformer DImensions
  • Width: 22″
  • Length: 97″
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Vertical Frame Dimensions
  • Width: 28.3″
  • Length: 68.5″
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Warranty Info
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Aluminum Rails, components of the frame and related welding, standard gearbar, and footbar mechanisms (excluding Rubber Footbar)
  • 90 Days: Upholstery
  • 1 Year: Ropes, straps, spring clips, plastic pulley bar receptacle sleeves, comfort footbar, spring covers and plastic spring holders
  • 2 Years: All other Reformer components
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