TechnoGym – ARKE Core Centric Training




The ARKE™ Core Centric Training line is made up of several innovative products including the Water 8 Ball, Pendulum and Twin Clubs. All tools are divided into four categories, each represented by a different colour and bearing the names of the four classical elements: air, earth, water and fire. Each category provides easy identification for the specific target exercise and provides progression from basic to advanced.

The ARKE™ tools are the best solution for full freedom of movement to perform day-to-day activities in the best possible way. As well as to achieve optimum coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reaction time, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity.

In addition to ensuring excellent results quickly, the diverse and progressive tools make it suitable for all user groups to progressively develop the functionality of their bodies over time, transferring the results of training in the gym into the movements we make in everyday life.