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Technogym – Excite Top Upper Body Ergometer




Designed in Italy, the Top Excite is an upper body ergometer that you can use to tone your arms, gain mass, help prevent joint problems, help improve your posture, or prepare for a sports competition. With the Top Excite, you can choose the results you want and which muscles to work by changing the direction of the rotation and settings which in turn change the movement. Selecting different types of movements (standing, sitting, with long or short levers) will help you to avoid boring repetitions and make your workout last longer.  With the Top Excite, the warm up option lets you prepare the muscles and joints in your upper body to prevent future problems and injuries, making this an ideal option for users of many diverse needs; even serving as a fantastic cardio device for those who may have certain limitations with their lower body.


  • Can be used standing or sitting
  • Levers length can be adjusted to engage different muscles
  • Levers move in both directions; forward rotation activates larger muscles and backward rotation involves smaller muscles
  • Rotating handgrips
  • Self-powered version available
  • Warm Up program that engages all muscles and joints in a balanced way