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The TechnoGym crosstrainer Excite+ Vario Unity 3.0 black is a unique professional machine which allows you to change the direction of your movement during the workout.
This system allows the machine to dynamically adapt to the user’s movement, thus ensuring an effective cardio workout; it does not matter if you choose to simulate regular walking or decide to go for longer strides.
The machine can automatically adapt the stride length to an unreal 83cm, while the height of the stride can be adapted to up to 17cm.
The Unity 3.0 console is the first Android-based open platform for cardio devices, allowing the use of numerous entertainment and fitness apps.

Adaptive Stride
Vario adapts its stride dynamically and automatically, from 0 to 83 cm, to match your size and movement. Its fluid and natural movement prevents ‘bouncing’ during the movement and ensures a more comfortable workout.

Movement variety
With Vario you can choose your stride length, from vertical stepping, to walking, to running. This movement variety enables you to enjoy a wide range of exercises. This is made possible by the unique pulley system to which rods with pedals are attached.

Optimal training effect
Test conducted at Manchester Metropolitan University demonstrate that calorie expenditure remains the highest in its category, while perceived effort is lower than with traditional elliptical machines.

New ergonomic handlebars
You can now grab the handlebars at the top and perform more effective pushing and pulling movements for better upper body engagement.

Optimal start
Getting started is extremely easy thanks to the reduced height of the pedals from the ground, the lateral hand supports and the Self Starting System that prevents pedal blocking when you begin to exercise.

Easy controls
The Fast Track Controls allow you to change the resistance level without having to remove your hands from the handlebars or interrupt your training. The Double Hand Sensors enable constant heart rate monitoring.

UNITY 3.0 console
Unity 3.0 is the new version of Technogym’s android-based display, featuring a faster processor and more features that increase ease of use and make your workout even more fun.

Unity 3.0 devices offer much more than just a quick workout, they provide a completely new fitness experience. Imagine yourself on busy streets in the heart of New York or walk across the rugged terrain of Northern Ireland landscape with the Virtual Training app. Visit your favorite websites, watch TV, Netflix and youtube or be entertained by interesting games. Check out your friends’ latest updates on social media apps such as facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be up to date with the things going on around you, even while you’re working out.

With Technogym’s MyWellness app, you can store all your programmed workouts and results in the cloud. The app is available on all Unity console’s, so the next time you log on to one of Technogym’s devices, you can continue right where you left off. The data can also be found in the MyWellness app on your smartphone or tablet.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 85.6in x 29.2in x 68in (19.4 cm x 73 cm x 170 cm)
Unit Weight: 335 lbs / 152 kg
Maximum User Weight: 397 lbs / 180 kg
Self-Adaptive Stride: 0-33in
Pre-set Programs: 12
Console type: Unity 3.0 – WiFi Enabled 16″