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TechnoGym presents the ultimate in designer furnishing for wellness spaces; the Kinesis Personal Vision. The Kinesis is the product of cutting edge Italian design and years of research.  It returns you to the origins of human movement, freeing you to re-discover four fundamental physical abilities: endurance, balance, strength and flexibility.

The Kinesis Personal features a Fullgravity design where a pivoting pulley system provides smooth movement in all dimensions allowing for more than 200 different exercises to help you accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Resistance is regulated by a sophisticated innovation where a system of forces gradually increases the resistance quietly, smoothly, and in total safety. The creators acknowledged the variances in the human strength curve, and designed the pulley system to increase resistance as leverage is increased; which in turn emulates movements just as they would be performed in everyday life.

The Kinesis is equipped with an interactive display where workload can be intuitively selected with one simple touch. The ease of use for this machine cannot be understated.  It truly is the ultimate functional trainer for the beginner just as much as the seasoned veteran.


  • Over 200 different exercises
  • Multipurpose: six handgrips, several positions that arm can pivot on
  • Full Gravity: Pivoting pulley system provides smooth movement in all dimensions
  • Quiet, smooth, and safe
  • 3D Pulley System: Patent pending 360° rotating pulley system which enables movement on three planes. This system allows the user to move freely without cable interference


  • Height: 82.68″
  • Width: 66.93″
  • Length: 45.27″
  • Length (Folded): 17.87″
  • Weight: 617.29 lbs
  • Power Requirement: 220V – 110V
  • Warranty
  • Labour: 2 years
  • Structural Frame (coating excluded), Weight Stacks, and Welded Moving Parts: 10 years
  • Plate Holders, Hardware, Guide Rods, Cams, Pulleys, Extension Mechanism, and Brake System: 3 years
  • Pistons, Rotating Bearings, Bushings, and Linear Bearings: 2 years
  • W & T: Cables, Upholstery, Springs, Handgrips, Wood Panels, Plastic Parts, and Other Parts Not Listed: 6 months
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