Technogym – Olympic Half Rack




Are you in the market for a new piece of equipment that will help you break past plateaus and really provide yourself with the tools to sculpt and strengthen your body to perfection. Look no further than the International Powerlifting Federation compliant Olympic Half Rack which is equipped with twelve different rack positions, pull up bars, a dips station,  and even foldable foot plates. With this stand-alone setup, you can work every muscle in your body and keep challenging yourself with new combinations of exercises and movements.


  • IPF compliant
  • Integrated barbell holder
  • 4 basic pull up bar positions
  • Dip station with 3 different positions
  • 12 rack setup points
  • Foldable foot plates for easy pull up bar access


  • Length : 55 in
  • Width : 49.60 in
  • Height: 93.03 in
  • Weight: 462.97 in