Technogym– Plurima Multi-Gym – Twin MF65




Are you looking for a multi-gym station that you don’t have to design your room around? The designers from TechnoGym have heard your call! TechnoGym presents a new modular multi-gym that comes in multiple configurations so you can find the one that fits your space and your training style. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Plurima is a dynamic training station that can provide you with full body resistance training while being user friendly and adding a polished design touch to your wellness space

Technogym Multi gym Plurima is the result of several decades of tech research; all exercises are biomechanically designed to suit physiological movement trajectories so anyone can work out effectively and safely without the presence of a professional trainer. From the premium quality materials to the compact modular design, the attention to detail on this machine is second to none.

The Plurima comes in several form factors depending on how you want to setup your wellness space: wall, tower, and twin.

  • Multistation that combines compactness and versatility for training
  • 2 Modules in Line
  • Settings and protection systems for easy and safe training
  • Technology and connectivity for training without supervision
  • Ergonomic lines tha follow your movements


Twin MF65
  • Configurations: Press & Overhead Press, Core & Leg Extension/Curl
  • Core/Leg Extension/Curl Weight Stack: 120 lbs
  • Press/Overhead Press: 120 lbs
  • Length When Not In Use: 89″
  • Width When Not In Use: 66″
  • Height When Not In Use: 68″
  • Machine Total Weight: 948 lbs
  • Footprint: 41 square feet
  • Minimum Operational Space: 65 square feet
  • Warranty
  • Labour: 2 years
  • Structural Frame (coating excluded), Weight Stacks, and Welded Moving Parts: 10 years
  • Plate Holders, Hardware, Guide Rods, Cams, Pulleys, Extension Mechanism, and Brake System: 3 years
  • Pistons, Rotating Bearings, Bushings, and Linear Bearings: 2 years
  • W & T: Cables, Upholstery, Springs, Handgrips, Wood Panels, Plastic Parts, and Other
  • Video