Technogym – Power Personal Rack




The Technogym Power Personal Rack is the free weight training machine that combines sturdiness, efficiency and a compact design allowing barbells and plates to be supported safely and in style. The supporting uprights are made of single-block aluminium – the result of an advanced technological process.

Like the other elements in the same line, Power Personal is a high digital content product: thanks to the Technogym App, a rich library of over 300 exercises and multiple recommended training programmes can be accessed and consulted like a real virtual trainer.

Rack Personal guarantees maximum safety thanks to the Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems – ensuring user-friendly barbell support locking and smooth, fluid sliding of the safety bars.

Power Personal and its components have been designed to improve the training experience; Bench Personal is easily adjustable with one hand and the BodyPrint padding ensures comfort and stability; Rack Personal also includes an ergonomic, chrome-plated steel bar for pull-ups with multi grip; additionally, the Functional version, ideal for suspension training and training with resistance bands, enhances the training option potential.

Power Personal completes the range of Personal family products: the Cross Personal elliptical trainer, the Run Personal treadmill, the Recline Personal recumbent exercise bike, and Kinesis, the highly innovative, high technology product that makes it possible to perform more than 200 toning, flexibility and balance exercises. With this stand-alone setup, you can work every muscle in your body and keep challenging yourself with new combinations of exercises and movements.


  • Length : 52 in
  • Width : 56 in
  • Height: 87 in
  • Weight: 408 lbs