Technogym – SKILLMILL







Born from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility. Enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems and turn users into peak performers.



SKILLMILL is operated and controlled exclusively by the force applied by its users. To speed up, they move to the front of the surface and to slow down, they move to the back. It accelerates

quickly from a cold start and goes the same pace athletes go. The ideal solution for a sustainable facility, it helps reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Built to resist

SKILLMILL has been designed and engineered so users can work hard in a completely safe environment. The ergonomic design combined with the high quality components and materials

produces a solid, compact product with a versatile nature that endures well beyond the normal usage to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Variable resistance

The MULTIDRIVE technology enables users to select different levels of reactive resistance, from zero to max. By simply shifting the MULTIDRIVE, athletes can quickly switch from resistance-free

running to an all-out sled push.

Maximum muscle activation

Electromyography studies reveal a significantly higher activation of the posterior chain muscles, in particular the glutes and hamstrings, compared to traditional treadmills. The sled pushing

exercise shows levels of activation as high as glute-targeted exercises such as kneeling squats, deadlifts and sumo deadlifts.

Expand your work capacity

By working on your main physical skills you will quickly extend your ability to perform, gaining in Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility. High Intensity Interval Training on SKILLMILL is an

effective way to achieve maximum fitness, burn fat and build endurance.

Enhance your abilities

Athletic Performance Training hones your ability to carry out complex movements requiring good neuromuscular coordination. Routines comprise a full mix of fundamental movements,

progressing through simple to more difficult exercises to obtain lasting benefits in sport performance and everyday life.



  • Resistance technology: Multidrive Technology – patent pending
  • Resistance control: Magnetic resistance in 11 levels
  • Surface type: EPDM injection molded slats
  • Surface trajectory control: On-slat bearings
  • Surface dimensions (LxW): 66″ x 19″
  • Handlebar: Dual handlebar design
  • Water bottle holder: Yes
  • Phone holder: Holds phones up to 3.06″
  • Easy-to-move handles: Integrated at the back of the machine
  • Transport wheels: Yes, 2
  • Leveling feet: Yes, 1
  • Dimensions: 75″ x 35″ x 61″
  • Equipment weight: 397 lbs
  • Max. user weight: 397 lbs
  • Warranty: 6 months: W & T Chain, Upholstery, Handgrips, Displays, Plastic Parts and other parts not listed.
    2 Years: Rotating Bearings, Linear Bearings, Elevation Motor, Electric and Electonic parts .
    5 Years: Motor and Shock absorders
    10 Years: Structual Frame – Coating Excluded
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