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Commercial and Rehab Exercise Equipment

Foremost Fitness can help your wellness center with comprehensive fitness solutions and advise you on exercise and rehab equipment options.


We offer a variety of cardio and strength exercise equipment specifically designed for the rehab facility. Many of these products are registered medical devices for use in hospitals, clinics or sports centers as an aid to rehabilitation and therapy. To create the perfect environment for your organization, our team of experts will incorporate the correct rehab / exercise equipment layout and the perfect fitness product mix all while keeping in mind your facility’s particular requirements.

Our product range is wide and includes hundreds of items from a variety of different manufacturers. We provide rehab equipment with easy accessibility, resistance levels needed for reconditioned individuals and biomechanics that secure safe and effective workouts.

At Foremost Fitness we understand the special needs of the rehab environment. Our portfolio includes a variety of facilities including The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic School, MedCan Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, The Baycrest, William Osler Medical Centre, Sunnybrook Hospital and Amica Retirement Home, just to name a few.

Jackie Mirkopoulos
Therapeutic Clinic
Foremost Fitness has excellent service. All my orders have been delivered on time. Great quality equipment.
Jackie Mirkopoulos, Hands On You Therapeutic Clinic
Kaizen Health
We met the owner of Foremost Fitness 14 years ago while developing a rehab gym for our clinic. We began referring all of our patients to this facility. Whether the patient has been sent to buy a foam roller or a custom built workout area, the feedback is the same - that the service at Foremost Fitness is prompt, knowledgeable and professional. Dr.Hanuse Clinic Director, Kaizen Health