Technogym – Synchro Forma

Train your entire body in one safe, enjoyable movement with Synchro Forma.





Created and designed to eliminate muscle and joint strain during training, the Synchro Forma, the professional elliptical trainer can help to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and endurance all in one workout. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Synchro Forma is silent and smooth, that way you can immerse yourself completely in the workout without any buzzing distractions.

The ergonomic positions of the large Synchro Forma platforms and their minimum distance have been biomechanically designed to help you assume and maintain a correct position at all times. The movement of this machine is meant to be as natural as possible similar to cross country skiing on the moving handles or you can choose to keep your hands on the fixed handles to get a full leg workout.

This machine features the Constant Pulse Rate device which enables the machine to adjust the resistance and workout speed to your preset heart rate so you can focus yourself completely on the workout without the workload getting too heavy or too light.

The Synchro Forma features a new mounting system on the LED display, you can place your tablet or smartphone onto the console so you can safely surf the web, video chat your friends, or send emails all while carrying out your daily workout.

Designed in Italy, the Synchro is essentially a non-impact machine; this carries the added benefit of being able to strengthen joints, bones, and muscles without risk of injury and future joint problems. Smooth and quiet, you can be sure that the Synchro will make a fine addition to any space and perform your workout at any hour without the loud humming noises that traditional cross trainers carry.


  • FastTrack Control: Controls are conveniently located on the hand grips
  • Constant Pulse Rate device
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Resistances for all levels of training


  • Minimum Resistance at 120 spm: 30
  • Maximum Resistance at 120 spm: 300
  • Difficulty Levels: 1-12
  • Width: 29″
  • Length: 80″
  • Height: 63″
  • Weight: 326 lbs.
  • Energy Consumption: 100 VAC
  • Maximum User Weight: 352 lbs.
  • HR Monitoring: Telemetry
  • Available Programs: 5
  • Goal Training: Time, Distance, Calories
  • Min-Max User Height: 155-205 cm
  • Maintenance Kit: Yes
  • User Manual: Yes
  • Warranty: Labor: 2 Years, Parts: 10 years for structural frame, 3 years for pedals, footplates, arms and other welded moving parts, 2 years for rotating bearings, linear bearings, alternators, electric and electronic parts, 6 months for chain, upholstery, handgrips, displays, plastic parts, and other parts not listed
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