Technogym – Excite Live Synchro Elliptical

An elliptical trainer to fit the needs of all of your members.




Looking to get in a great workout that promises to eliminate muscle and joint strain during training? Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Excite Live Synchro  was designed for any user, from athletes to the elderly, the total body cardiovascular exercise of the Synchro helps to reduce fat mass, improve muscle, joint elasticity and flexibility all in one seamless workout without any direct impact on your joints.

The ergonomic positions of the large Excite Live Synchro platforms and their minimum distance have been biomechanically designed to help you assume and maintain a correct position at all times. The movement of this machine is meant to be as natural as possible similar to cross country skiing on the moving handles or you can choose to keep your hands on the fixed handles to get a full leg workout.

Train confidently on a machine that is in total harmony with your movement. Enjoy the feeling of total freedom as your arms swing in a convergent path and your legs stride up to 26.5 in (67 cm) in a single, fluid motion. Movement has never felt so good.

Challenge your lower body muscles thanks to the wider range of movements and exercises made possible by the adjustable ramp with Decline System. For maximum glute activation, lean forward on the soft-touch total body handlebar.

Technogym Live is the new digital user interface that empowers Excite consoles. Born to inspire people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives, it helps achieve results in a fun and motivating way.

Designed in Italy, the Synchro elliptical is essentially a non-impact machine; this carries the added benefit of being able to strengthen joints, bones, and muscles without risk of injury and future joint problems. Smooth and quiet, you can be sure that the Synchro will make a fine addition to any space and perform your workout at any hour without the loud humming noises that traditional cross trainers carry.